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It all started when…

While I was living in New York City working in a Italian cafe in the west village, I got to meet hollywood actors and actresses, producers and film directors I couldn't help falling in love with cinematography. It's been a while now I have done videos with Tommy Hilfiger, Naomi Campbell and recorded events with Jay Z, Diddy, Will i.a.m  and more and even worked for high profile fashion photographers where I got to meet more famous people. 

My style of  work is non-traditional and the day of filming is extremely unobtrusive as we are looking to capture authentic footage that remains true to the event ( natural-candid-raw emotions)

If you are looking for the best price in town we are probably not the best option, but if you are looking for amazing quality and peace of mind on your wedding day then you are in the right place

David and his company have been feature on the TLC reality "Four Weddings".